Blue Wave was founded in 2016 with a mission to utilize recent advances in data sciences to solve problems that were previously unsolvable.  Since its inception, Blue Wave has combined the resources of academia with the experience of industry experts to provide solutions to formerly intractable problems. Led by Dr. Tom Gruenwald, former Tellabs CTO, Westell CEO and Bell Labs Executive, along with a team of accomplished scientists, Blue Wave uses a unique blend of science, engineering, AI and mathematical expertise to solve real-world problems at a world-class level.
Most AI companies provide a one size fits all AI platform developed by a group of computer scientists. They give the client a set of tools to sort through their data to come up with generic solutions to generic problems.
Blue Wave is different in that we provide custom solutions for complicated issues, engineered by industry experts along with computer scientists. Aerospace AI applications are built with a team of Aerospace Engineers in addition to experts in Data Science and AI. Nuclear reactor problems are solved with a team of Nuclear Physicists combined with a team of Computer Scientists.
At Blue Wave, we not only understand how to build an AI to create innovative technology and solve problems, we understand the information contained in the data itself giving us the ability to solve the most difficult problems and create unique and sophisticated applications.