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Our job is to help you mitigate risk, increase efficiency, and maximize performance.

We utilize AI and Machine Learning techniques that transform data into insights that establish strategic and operational advantages in complex and chaotic situations.

Implement custom solutions for complex operational issues.

Partially autonomous and information learning systems have been used in military and civilian technology since the Second World War.

With continual advancements and unique capabilities of AI and Machine Learning, these approaches are critical for safeguarding national security and establishing nuclear energy as a reliable, carbon-free, clean-energy source.

We solve previously unsolvable challenges.

We successfully incorporate a client’s domain knowledge to transform their abstract data into concrete solutions that evaluate and mitigate risk, increase efficiency to save time and money, and maximize performance.

Most AI companies offer a one-size-fits-all platform that requires a client to sort through their own data to come up with a general solution to a general problem. Blue Wave AI Labs was founded to use (and understand) data to solve previously unsolvable challenges and to offer specific solutions for unique problems.

We combine the resources of academia with the experience of industry experts to provide solutions to formerly intractable problems.

Since 2016, nuclear and defense personnel have mitigated risk, increased efficiency, and driven performance with our unique blend of industry, science, engineering, AI, and mathematical expertise.

Our Advisory Board

The experience and guidance of our advisory board drive innovative capabilities, advanced solutions, and insightful assessments.

Carlo Scalo, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering Purdue University and CEO, Hysonics

Dr. Carlo Scalo is an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University and CEO of Hysonic Technologies, a firm which develops leading edge solutions in the field of hypersonic flight.

He earned his B.Eng. and M.Sc. in aerospace engineering from the Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II in Italy, and earned his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from Queen's University in Canada.

His research interests include geophysical flows, turbulent mixing, heat-and-mass transfer, thermo-acoustics, non-linear acoustics, low- and high-speed turbulent boundary layers, numerical methods for complex geometries, and reactive flows.
Joshua Thiel
Colonel, United States Army

Josh Thiel completed 21 years of service in Special Operations. As a Special Forces Green Beret, he specialized in the Middle East, Indo Pacific Asia region, Counter Insurgency, Counter Terrorism, and Special Operations in great power competition. After years of leveraging Palantir tech solutions to super empower operations, he departed government to pursue game changing technological solutions.

Josh led large units at critical times for the nation. In 2018, he Commanded 2000 U.S. and Coalition Special Operations Troops along with 18,000 Afghan Commandos which conducted 85% of all combat operations. In 2019-2020, Josh was chartered to rebuild the Special Operations training environment across the U.S. to account for modern warfare, Russian, and Chinese capabilities. His final service was as the Chief Operating Officer for the division size element, Security Force Assistance Command, as they began initial deployments across the globe for strategic partnership.

Josh is the author of six publications. He volunteers as an innovation hackathon judge to advise one the best technology in development for the warfighters. With two Master Degrees complete, he is working toward his Doctorate in Technology and Innovation through Purdue University.
David Beering
Managing Member and Owner of Intelligent Designs LLC

David Beering received his BSEE and MSEE degrees from Purdue University in 1985 and 1987, respectively.

Mr. Beering is the managing member and owner of Intelligent Designs LLC, consultancy business based in West Lafayette, Indiana.

Mr. Beering’s primary focus is project management and research and development in the field of satellite-enabled high-performance communications systems. Intelligent Designs’ clientele include the US Army and BP.

Prior to Intelligent Designs, Mr. Beering served as the managing director of advanced networks for MorganFranklin Corporation. One of his most noteworthy contributions was the development of a global satellite network in support of the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization, supporting four deployed units in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mr. Beering also led the development of the City of Chicago’s Unified Command System, which utilizes a dedicated satellite system and a standards-based IP architecture to provide backup for 92 simultaneous channels of 9-1-1 traffic.
Bharat Bhargava, Ph.D.
Professor of Computer Science, Purdue University

Bharat Bhargava is a professor of the Department of Computer Science with a courtesy appointment in the School of Electrical & Computer Engineering at Purdue University.

Professor Bhargava is conducting research in security and privacy issues in distributed systems. This involves host authentication and key management, secure routing and dealing with malicious hosts, adaptability to attacks, and experimental studies.

His recent work is on Intelligent Autonomous Systems and data analytics and machine learning. It includes cognitive autonomy, reflexivity, deep learning and knowledge discovery. His earlier work on Waxed Prune with MIT and NGC built a prototype for privacy preserving data dissemination in cross-domains.

Based on his research in reliability, he is studying vulnerabilities in systems to assess threats to large organizations. He has developed techniques to avoid threats that can lead to operational failures. The research has direct impact on nuclear waste transport, bio-security, disaster management, and homeland security. These ideas and scientific principles are being applied to the building of secure networks and systems.

Professor Bhargava is recipient of seven best paper awards in various international computer science conferences. Professor Bhargava is a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and of the Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers. In 1999, he received the IEEE Technical Achievement Award for a major impact of his decade long contributions to foundations of adaptability in communication and distributed systems.

Kumar Rohatgi, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist Brookhaven National Labs

Dr. Upendra Rohatgi joined the scientific staff of Brookhaven National laboratory in 1975 and is currently a senior scientist. He received his bachelor of technology degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur in 1970 and his Ph.D. from Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, both in Mechanical Engineering.

He has contributed to Fluids Engineering in the areas of pumps for aircraft fuel system and nuclear reactors, nuclear reactor system, enhanced heat transfer for li-ion batteries for automobile application, and development of fluidized bed furnaces.

He served as chair of Fluids Engineering Division and has also served as technical associate editor for the Journal of Fluids Engineering for three years.. He has been contributing to US Nuclear Regulatory Commission programs for thermal-hydraulic code development, validation, scaling methods and uncertainty analyses for different scenarios for PWR and BWR since 1975.

He has consulted with AECL and OPG Canada for uncertainty methods for CANDU transient analyses. In addition, he is leading a task force for developing guidelines for multi-physics code validation and uncertainty methods for NEA-OECD expert group.

He is currently a thermal-hydraulic consultant to Advisory Committee for Reactor Safeguards of USNRC. He has authored over 100 papers. He has chaired two NASA Scientific Review Panels for Microgravity Experiments in shuttle.

Dr. Rohatgi is also the senior science advisor the State Department for the Cooperative Threat Reduction (CTR) program, he reviews and advises which research proposals to the ISTC and STCU and advises the DOS-CTR staff on any scientific matters.
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We use your data, our expertise, and custom AI and Machine Learning technology to solve complex challenges that mitigate risk and drive efficiency.