Our job is to use the most advanced AI and analytical techniques with keen scientific and engineering insight to help you mitigate risk, increase efficiency, and maximize performance.

AI-based solutions for daunting challenges and complex operational issues.

Partially autonomous and information learning systems have been used in military and civilian technology since the Second World War.


Alan Turing father of Artificial Intelligence and modern Computer Science

With continual advancements and unique capabilities of AI and Machine Learning, these approaches are critical for safeguarding national security and establishing nuclear energy as a reliable, carbon-free, clean-energy source paramount to carbon neutrality.

We successfully incorporate your domain knowledge and real world data into concrete solutions which evaluate and mitigate risk, increase efficiency to save time and money, and maximize performance.

Most AI companies offer a one-size-fits-all platform that requires a client to sort through their own data to come up with a general solution to a general problem. Blue Wave AI Labs was founded to use (and understand) data to solve previously unsolvable challenges and to offer specific solutions for unique problems.

We combine the resources of academia with the experience of industry experts to provide solutions to formerly intractable problems.

Since 2016, nuclear and defense personnel have mitigated risk, increased efficiency, and driven performance with our unique blend of industry, science, engineering, AI, and mathematical expertise.

Engineered by industry experts along with computer scientists at Blue Wave we understand the information contained in the data which allows us to develop innovative AI technology and Machine Learning techniques. This alone gives Blue Wave the ability to solve the most difficult problems and create unique and sophisticated applications. We successfully incorporate your domain knowledge to transform your data into concrete solutions that evaluate and mitigate risk, increase efficiency to save time and money, and optimize performance. Our advanced capabilities combined with the use of innovative AI and Machine Learning techniques turn your data into clear solutions that will raise your business performance to another level.

Blue Wave has partnered with prominent clean energy, defense, and aerospace industry leaders to drive sustainable advancements.

Projects which Blue Wave has worked on include:

 – Moisture Carry Over (MCO) Prediction 
 – Nuclear Fuel Optimization
 – Chattering in Safety Relief Valves (SRVs) 
 – Gamebreaker 
 – Black Box Adversarial Defense 
 – Eigenvalue/Hot k-effective Prediction 
 – AI Design of Hypersonic Cones
 – Air Combat Evolution (ACE) AI Dogfight Agent 
 – Detection and Rating of Deep Fakes 
 – AI Workflow Analysis 
 – AISUM Autonomous Drone Challenge
 – AI Resistance to Interference
 – LPRM/Thermal Limits 



Here’s what our clients say about our Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence knowledge and expertise.

For a fuel cycle with high MCO, the total radiological cost for elevated MCO can exceed $1M for a refueling outage. The predictive capability of MCO.ai ensures that operating conditions and the core designs are established to maintain low MCO levels. The fleet total cost savings (fuel and dose) attributed to Blue Wave’s MCO predictive tool are at least $4 million annually.

James-Tusar -Senior Manager-of-BWR-Design-and-Methods-Constellation
James Tusar

Senior Manager of BWR Design and Methods
Constellation Energy

Blue Wave has proven to be the trusted leader in AI solutions for the nuclear industry, already serving over half the U.S. domestic fleet of boiling water reactors and making a significant difference in their operational efficiency.  Partnering with Blue Wave AI Labs brings enhanced value to the Studsvik Scandpower offerings and allows us to continue to meet our brand promise of always being state-of-the-art while delivering advanced solutions to our international customers.

Art Wharton

President and CEO of Studsvik Scandpower

Constellation has worked with Blue Wave over the last four years to unlock powerful new capabilities with Machine Learning which allows us to reach new levels in nuclear fuel cycle planning and efficiency. This can lead to reduced fuel costs and insights into core design and cycle management as new fuel strategies are introduced. This AI-based solution allows new levels of design and operational control, enabling increased clean energy availability for our customers and the communities where we operate.

Jason Murphy

Vice President of Nuclear Fuels

A few more things you may have read about

Blue Wave AI Labs has pioneered new approaches to achieve the utmost efficiency, reliability, and safety for the Nuclear Energy Industy, making nuclear the baseline source for zero carbon energy.  Below are a few examples of how Blue Wave AI Labs is making an impact on the Nuclear Power Industry via Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

DoE Awards Nearly $7 Million to Blue Wave AI Labs to Advance Nuclear Technology Using AI & ML.


Read our Nuclear News feature article Powering Our Nuclear Fleet with Artificial Intelligence


Blue Wave AI Labs Receives TIP Award at NEI Conference


Our Advisory Board

The experience and guidance of our advisory board drive innovative capabilities, advanced solutions, and insightful assessments.


Carlo Scalo, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering Purdue University and CEO, Hysonics


Joshua Thiel

Chief Operating Officer, Happy The Movement

David Beering

David Beering

Managing Member and Owner of Intelligent Designs LLC


Kumar Rohatgi, Ph.D.

Senior Scientist at Brookhaven National Laboratory


Bharat Bhargava, Ph.D.

Professor of Computer Science, Purdue University


We care about your 
privacy and data.

At Blue Wave AI Labs, we are committed to protecting the privacy of our users and customers as well as safeguarding thier data.


Our job is to use the most advanced AI and analytical techniques with keen scientific and engineering insight to help you mitigate risk, increase efficiency, maximize performance, and save you millions.