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Reduce costs by improving efficiency, performance, and safety with AI and Machine Learning.

We successfully transform your existing data into solutions that reduce operational and maintenance costs to help establish nuclear energy as a cost-effective, sustainable energy source.

The nuclear power industry must find innovative ways to become more cost-effective.

Regular inspection of nuclear power plant components is important to guarantee efficient and safe operations.

Up to now, the lifespan of a component is mostly estimated through a statistical average, and current practices are time-consuming, tedious, and subjective—and unexpected failures cost a lot of time and money.

If nuclear energy wants to compete as a cost-effective, clean energy source, innovative approaches that simulate and monitor the behavior of nuclear reactors are now more crucial than ever.

With AI and Machine Learning solutions, you can reduce costs by accurately predicting component failures and Eigenvalue projections for hot k-effective.

Blue Wave's solutions are more reactive than current methods and require less human interaction, which leads to improved efficiencies, a lower risk of incident or accidents, and mitigates potential risks to the environment.

Scaling up your AI competencies reduces costs by creating virtual sensors and calibrations, providing early warning of impending failures, and developing useful remaining life component models.

Our AI and Machine Learning models are able to extract all of the variables of data and understand the connections between the different information, thus learning how to do or assess a specific task. This makes it possible to more accurately:

    • Predict when components will fail (RUL/EOL)
    • Monitor and manage MCO
    • Project Eigenvalue for hot k-effective
    • Devise and examine alternate fuel loading plans
    • Assess other critical systems

It is our goal to aid in re-establishing the U.S. as a leader in nuclear energy.

AI and Machine Learning methods are utilized to review past and real-time data to create fast-running models that will analyze data sets, predict and prevent catastrophic operational delays, and drive better protocols for regulation compliance, efficiency, and safety.

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AI-Powered Nuclear Reactor Analysis
Every potential solution requires large amounts of clean data. Our experts in the industry, science, and mathematics utilize the most advanced AI and Machine Learning techniques to take your raw plant data and transform it into clean, usable sets.

Our team integrates decades of expertise to help you:

  • Improve operational effectiveness with routine diagnostics and prognostics
  • Implement model-based fault detection
  • Review and monitor advanced control systems and performance such as MCO and neutronics as it is applied in all stages of nuclear fuel cycle.

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AI Based Predictive Maintenance
Unplanned reactor shutdowns can cause $1 Billion in lost revenue for the domestic fleet every year.

To avoid this, we’ve built custom Machine Learning software that lets you discover more faithful degradation and performance indicators through clustering and classifications, develop surrograte/proxy models for components, reduce catering events, and predict component failures.

We utilize Neural Net architecture which is superior to polynomial fits at finding complex relationships between inputs to help you solve complex problems that increase efficiency, predictability, and overall performance.

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Reload Planning
Our reload planning modules will assist you in making operational decisions that mitigate elevated MCO conditions to avoid a mid-cycle shutdown.

Utilize predictive modeling to perform “what-if” scenarios and plan the most efficient way to evolve a fuel cycle with and

Virtual Sensors and Calibration
We will help you improve efficiency and reduce unexpected downtime with our AI and Machine Learning capabilities. We can work with you to improve operational visibility by modelling proxy components to act as surrogate virtual sensors to probe under-surveilled or inaccessible components.

You can use our predictive AI algorithms to set up these virtual sensors to monitor plant assets and operations.

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We use your data and our expertise to improve plant efficiency, performance, and safety.