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Transform existing data into valuable insights and solutions.

By combining our expertise with the latest in Artificial Intelligence technology and Machine Learning, you can analyze data sets, predict power plant operational problems before they occur, mitigate risk, and safeguard military, information, or economic superiority.

We provide insight based on your data that allows you to make informed decisions.

Plant operations and national security challenges are becoming more complex, which means conventional approaches are inadequate for solving high-value, complex problems.

Specialized approaches that transform your data into concrete solutions are crucial for making informed decisions to safeguard national security and optimize nuclear power plant efficiency.

Nuclear Power

Capitalize on innovative, cost-saving solutions that establish nuclear power as a sustainable, clean-energy source.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission recognizes that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can improve the safety and reliability of the grid.

By utilizing predictive models, nuclear power plants can reduce costs and better compete as a reliable, carbon-free, clean-energy source.

Scale up your AI competencies in order to reduce costs, predict when components may fail, and optimize scheduled downtime.

Military Defense and National Security

Transform military, information, and economic superiority by understanding the balance of power in any situation.

DARPA states that Artificial Intelligence systems are capable of acquiring new knowledge through generative contextual and explanatory models.

AI and Machine Learning have the potential to be a transformative national security technology that mitigates catastrophic risk.

Learn how your data can be transformed into critical intelligence and utilized to recognize patterns, derive correlations, and effectively assess complex, chaotic situations to mitigate national security risks.

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We take your data and turn it into custom solutions that provide insight, mitigate risk, reduce costs, and solve high-value problems.