A Brief Breakdown of the Principal Sources of Energy in Every US State and Canadien Province

As you can see from the diagram, we are still heavily reliant on Fossil Fuels for electricity generation. However, Clean Energy is making inroads into mainstream energy production via Nuclear, Wind, and Hydro renewable energy technologies, replacing previously non-renewable energy sources.

Westinghouse Sees a Tech Disrupter in its eVinci Microreactor

Kevin Clark  | Power Engineering November 23, 2022 About 40 miles southeast of Pittsburgh is the Westinghouse Waltz Mill site, part of the company’s expansive footprint in western Pennsylvania. The Waltz Mill site provides maintenance services, testing and calibration for nuclear reactor servicing equipment. The pre-1960s facility once housed the first non-lab test reactor. Reactor coolant…
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4 Key Benefits of Advanced Small Modular Reactors

Department of Energy | Office of Nuclear Energy May 28, 2020 Welcome to the future of nuclear energy. Within the next 10 years, advanced small modular reactors (SMRs) could change the way we think about reliable, clean and affordable nuclear power. Instead of going big, scientists and engineers went small developing mini reactors that are roughly a third…
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Happy Veterans Day from Blue Wave AI Labs

Blue Wave thanks all of our veterans for their selfless sacrifices. We also thank their families who own sacrifices enable their service women and men to serve. As a special mention please take a minute to visit the “Aces & Eights” website which helps our aviator community and their families, cope which cancer which is…
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RIC 2023: Navigating the Nuclear Future

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission 35th Regulatory Information Conference (RIC) March 14, 2023 – March 16, 2023 Purpose of the Regulatory Information Conference (RIC) The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Annual Regulatory Information Conference (RIC) is the largest public meeting the agency hosts, bringing together nearly 3,000 participants from more than 30 countries representing interested stakeholders from…
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3 Advanced Reactor Systems to Watch by 2030

Office of Nuclear Energy  April 12, 2021 Move over millennials, there’s a new generation looking to debut by 2030. Generation IV nuclear reactors are being developed through an international cooperation of 14 countries—including the United States. The U.S. Department of Energy and its national labs are supporting research and development on a wide range of new advanced reactor technologies that…
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What is a Nuclear Microreactor?

Office of Nuclear Energy  February 26, 2021 Nuclear is getting smaller … and it’s opening up some big opportunities for the industry. A handful of microreactor designs are under development in the United States, and they could be ready to roll out within the next decade. These compact reactors will be small enough to transport by…
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5 Things U.S. Department of Energy’s Kathryn Huff Loves About Nuclear Science

Office of Nuclear Energy, U.S. Department of Energy October 17, 2022 In honor of Nuclear Science week, Katy Huff, The DOE’s Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy, gives a great explanation of a few things she loves about Nuclear Energy.

Sweden / New Government Announces Plans To Build Nuclear Power Plants

Vattenfall is majority owner of three operational reactors at Forsmark (pictured) and two at Ringhals. David Dalton | NucNet October 14, 2022 Country becomes latest to turn to reactors for low-carbon energy security Sweden’s incoming government will ask state-run utility Vattenfall to plan and procure new nuclear power stations – potentially making the country one…
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