Dominion Visit 17Oct2023

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1100-1200 ET Lunch and Learn Presentation AUDITORIUM

1700-1900 ET Social – Drinks on Blue Wave CAPITAL ALE HOUSE

Dominion Presentation 

Dominion Visit Leads

Jonathan Nistor, Ph.D.

Chief Operating Officer

Timothy Crook

Director of Sales & Business Development

Nuclear-focused AI/ML

Most AI companies offer a one-size-fits-all platform that requires a client to sort through their own data to come up with a general solution to a general problem. Blue Wave AI Labs was founded to use (and understand) nuclear data to solve previously unsolvable challenges and to offer specific solutions for unique problems. Founded in 2016, and already trusted by over half the boiling water reactors in the U.S. domestic fleet, We are an AI-centric, industry-focused innovation company serving the nuclear energy and defense industries. We combine the insight of exceptional scientific technical talent with the latest advancements in AI and Machine Learning to transform data into solutions for the world’s most difficult problems.

BWR Application Brochures

Blue Wave AI Labs has pioneered new approaches to achieve the utmost efficiency, reliability, and safety for the Nuclear Energy Industy, making nuclear the baseline source for zero carbon energy.  Below are a few examples of how Blue Wave AI Labs is making an impact on key challenges in the Nuclear Power Industry via Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Our job is to use the most advanced AI and analytical techniques with keen scientific and engineering insight to help you mitigate risk, increase efficiency, maximize performance, and save you millions.