Happy Holidays from the Humans and Machines at Blue Wave AI Labs

Happy Holidays from the Humans and Machines at Blue Wave AI Labs

Holiday Greetings from Blue Wave AI Labs!!!

The Blue Wave team of scientists and engineers wish you a happy and peaceful holiday and a fantastic New Year. We know each of you has been doing your part to keep the lights on with clean nuclear power. The trajectory of the industry changed this year as a brand-new plant named “Vogtle 3” went into service. While the entire industry is proud of this groundbreaking accomplishment, we must tip our collective hats to the folks at Southern Nuclear who made this happen through hard work, smarts, and prevenance. 

Meanwhile, the team at Blue Wave has been working hard to develop new algorithms to predict BWR Thermal Limits and PWR power mismatches, allowing operators to recapture lost margin. These new AI-based systems are already in operation and paying dividends by avoiding lost generation power by pinpointing causes of high thermal limit bias and power mismatches. Blue Wave’s other dependable systems continue efficiency gains in nuclear power generation by predicting MCO and eigenvalue with unprecedented accuracy. The ever-growing adoption of these tools speaks to their value and effectiveness in ensuring safe and more economic operation. 

So, to one and all, enjoy the holiday season. Next year will be even better.