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Use our custom military Artificial Intelligence technology to assess and respond to complex situations.

AI and Machine Learning have the potential to be a transformative national security technology comparable to the impacts that nuclear weapons and biotech have had on strategy, organization, priorities, and allocation of resources.

Lack of clear data hinders your ability to fully assess the impacts of national and economic security.

Operational challenges are becoming more diverse, rendering conventional approaches inadequate for solving high-value problems.

Sophisticated approaches are crucial to making informed decisions, mitigating national security risks, and effectively responding to chaotic situations.

We are a US-based and owned company that integrates decades of experience with advanced AI and Machine Learning technologies to create solutions that are ethical and built in-house.

You can be confident and have a full assurance that our methodologies and solutions follow the provisions of the new National Artificial Intelligence Initiative Office.

We build actionable, ethical, and responsible AI solutions that evaluate and mitigate risk, provide valuable insights, increase efficiency, and optimize performance.

Our team of industry, science, and mathematical experts transform data into solutions that enhance capabilities for the creation, collection, and analysis of data to solve complex and unique situations including (but not limited to):

    • Warfare Platforms and Simulations
    • Logistics and Transportation
    • Cybersecurity
    • And More

Our job is to help you mitigate risk, increase efficiency, and optimize performance.

AI and Machine Learning methods will transform your data into critical intelligence that can be utilized to recognize patterns, derive correlations, and effectively assess complex, chaotic situations to mitigate national security risks.

Select a topic to learn more about our capabilities.

Warfare Platforms and Simulations
Using AI and Machine Learning in warfare platforms and situational awareness has enabled the development of efficient warfare and deep-learning systems that provide unlimited insight based on data.

Evaluate complex and chaotic situations including:

  • Catastrophic risks and threat monitoring
  • Surveillance, intelligence, and reconnaissance scenarios
  • Situational combat training simulations Precision strike capabilities
  • Resource and personnel allocation

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Logistics and Transportation
The efficient transportation of goods, ammunition, armaments, and troops is crucial to the success of military operations.

Integrating AI and Machine Learning with military transportation can:

  • Lower costs
  • Reduce personnel efforts
  • Utilize the use of drone delivery
  • Enable fleets to detect anomalies
  • Predict component failures

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Nuclear Non-Proliferation
Preventing nuclear weapons proliferation and reducing the threat of nuclear and radiological terrorism are top national security objectives that require innovative monitoring solutions.

AI and Machine Learning techniques can be utilized to effectively monitor, assess, and understand situational threats.

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Clear and precise data is crucial to making informed decisions regarding balance of power and national security risks.