Blue Wave prides itself on expertise in various technical fields allowing us to solve your most complex problems regardless of your industry. Take a look at the services we currently offer and check back to see when we add more!




Our team is uniquely qualified in artificial intelligence development. We use the vast amounts of raw unclean data which utilities are required to store to solve perplexing problems inherent to nuclear reactors and other sophisticated systems. We understand that every solution requires large volumes of clean data and we are experts at stitching volumes of data into a clean, usable sets. We understand the intricacies of nuclear power plants and use this insight to determine the right method of attack. In the end, we determine root-causes of severe problems and provide predictive models to avoid those problems in the future.

Blue Wave builds custom machine learning software to continuously monitor identified problems in real time.  This helps to avoid costly unplanned reactor shutdowns saving utility companies and consumers tens of millions of dollars annually. We also provide predictive products based on our machine learning algorithms of reactor state evolution.

Blue Wave builds machine learning and AI systems to reduce the cost of operations in a variety of ways. Our predictive models allow utilities to perform “what-if “scenarios to plan the best way to evolve a fuel cycle. Our machine-learning virtual measurements allow continuous readouts of reactor attributes that were painfully difficult to physically measure and therefore were only measured infrequently, leaving operations teams running blind for days.




Blue Wave’s predictive AI algorithms are used to create virtual sensors to monitor critical systems in a broad range of applications and industries. Blue Wave is currently building virtual sensors to monitor moisture carryover in addition to valve weaknesses in nuclear reactors. Virtual sensors are being developed to monitor fuel efficiency ad k-effective. Blue Wave sensor monitoring allows utilities to generate more electricity per fuel cycle creating a significant cost savings.

Blue Wave has the talent and knowledge to gather data and build artificial intelligence algorithms from any aircraft or a fleet of aircraft to analyze and predict both simple problems and critical system failures. Like nuclear reactors, airlines are required to store large amounts of data pertaining to each aircraft. Blue Wave cleans repairs and creates a usable sets to build predictive models.
Blue Wave can alert airlines to problems within an aircraft before the problem occurs, allowing airlines to replace or repair components during scheduled maintenance periods and prior to a problem occurring. This minimizes unscheduled maintenance and costly delays.

Blue Wave is committed to using our expertise in AI, machine learning, science, mathematics, engineering and computer science to help keep our nation safe. We are committed to helping the United States stay at the forefront of technology to protect our personal and economic freedoms.